Atmosfär was founded in 2017 by an Auckland based Swedish entrepreneur to offer a range of timeless Nordic-designed homewares and jewellery directly to Kiwi design lovers. Atmosfär’s philosophy is to source objects of superior design and craftsmanship that will be cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

Nordic Values

In Scandinavia, it is common to own high quality objects that are passed on for generations. The design is often so exquisite and perfect it seems timeless. For me being Swedish, and recently having moved to New Zealand (the most beautiful country in the world), it is a great pleasure to bring some of my heritage Scandinavian brands along with me to share with you. I believe we have many values in common. Above all, we appreciate the beauty of superior craftsmanship and quality, especially when it is combined with clever functionality. Maybe one day it will be your honor to pass your precious items on to the next generation.

Atmosfär Values

Atmosfär and its brands share a desire of long lasting Nordic design items in harmony with both nature and humans, creating a sustainable environment. Our carefully chosen products are produced with outermost care, taking the environment into consideration, and only the best materials and craftsmanship are used in order to ensure the highest possible quality and durability. The core idea behind Atmosfär is based around timeless products lasting for generations. Hence impacting less on the environment and giving the owner the best possible experience. An experience of pride and joy.

Press Publications

Did you spot me as the Swedish Stylista in Verve April 2018 (both cover page and pages 22-23)?


Get to know me and keep up with Scandinavian design trends and information.

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