Arrival! Scandinavia to New Zealand.

It's July 2017 and I have just arrived in New Zealand with my family. Here we are, a Swede, a Kiwi and our two kids born in Australia. What a mix! We have finally embarked on our new, long awaited, life chapter, living in one of the world's most beautiful countries; New Zealand. Not only that, we have also bought a house which I now have the pleasure of playing around with to get a fabulous mix between Scandinavian and New Zealand interior design. It might sound like two very dissimilar styles but as a matter of fact Scandinavians and Kiwis have a lot in common. Just to mention a few, we all love beautiful wood, clean lines and cleaver design. I will elaborate more around Scandinavian and New Zealand designs at a later stage and will keep you posted on how I go with my house makeover. In the meantime, this is also a very exciting time as I'm opening up my online shop Atmosfär to the New Zealand population. I have collected some breathtaking lifestyle products, including jewellery, from Scandinavia. I'm sure you will love them! What's so particular about the Nordic design is the way the objects often take a timeless shape.  The craftsmanship and materials are often so superior the items will last for generations. I believe our home is our sanctuary and we should be proud of the items we have, cherish them and happily pass them on to the next generation.


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