How to decorate your home like a Scandinavian

As soon as you have stepped inside a Scandinavian home tasteful interior design typically embraces you. Interior design seems to be in Scandinavian genes. No matter the individual’s background, the Scandinavians always manage to pull it off! So how do these remarkable interior design freaks do it?

Currently we see a lot of the following influences in the Scandinavian homes:

White Base
The most fundamental basics of the Scandinavians interior design style is the use of a white base. Even though the Scandinavians love new interior design trends, sticking to a white base is characteristic of a Scandinavian home.

By mixing several white nuances the room can obtain a calming minimalist feeling at the same time as it opens up and gives a more spacious impression. The Scandinavians typically mix a lot of textures and include green plants in their homes which finishes the white base off by creating a homely and cozy feeling.

The Scandinavians love to bring the nature inside. Forget the formal flower bouquets. The Scandinavians us either pot plants or wild and imperfect bouquets (not necessary made by flowers but often with bush branches). Whenever you’re stuck with your interior design planning, simply try a plant or an informal bouquet. You will be surprised by the impression they make.

Mix it up!
If there is anything that keeps amazing me, then it’s the natural ability Scandinavians seem to possess when it comes to mixing items gracefully. Scandinavians mix heritage items, new items, cheap, expensive, different textures, forms and colours. The fantastic interior design mix creates a more personal and relaxed impression.

A big chunk of the year is substantially dark in Scandinavia which probably is the reason Scandinavians are experts in ambient lightning as well as designer lights. In Australasia it’s a bigger focus on spotlights while Scandinavian homes mainly are dominated by beautiful and more personal pendant lights. Not to mention plenty of cosy candles to create the right atmosphere.

There is something special about the warm brass color that feel luxurious in a home. If accessorized right, brass can really bring a space to life.  Brass is however not a new trend among Scandinavians. The Swedish King Karl IX founded a brass foundry in 1607, called Skultuna. Today Skultuna is one of the oldest companies in the world and its products can be found at leading department stores all around the world. Skultuna has won a number of international design awards.

More and more people have painted over their white walls with grey. It’s a safe and stylish alternative to the white. Apart from walls, the Scandinavians currently have a lot of interior decor details, furniture and even kitchen doors in grey. Quite often a white base is used with accessories in grey on grey tones.

Just like the kiwis the Scandinavians appreciate the warmth of wood. You can find many classical chairs and other furniture made out beautiful wood in all nuances, taking a timeless look. Old unloved wooden floors are given new life by whitewashing which again adds to the white Scandinavian base colour palette.   

2017’s Scandinavian trademark must have been the throw that has been thrown on beds, armchairs and sofas in a very relaxed way. The imperfection together with the textile effect softens the interior and creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Blues and greens
This year we have seen heavy focus on blue and green accessory colours. Blue creates a great contrast to a discreet colour base such as white, black and wood. Green on the other hand enhances the coherence between indoor and outdoor space, making the space appear seamless. 


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