Magisso - The coolest company in the world!

Have you ever got annoyed with a drink that goes lukewarm when you’re enjoying the sun, or a salad that gets spoiled while you entertain? Well, luckily the creative and impressive designers at Scandinavian Magisso had exactly those thoughts and decided to do something about it. They designed a super sexy barware series that includes cooling ceramics, enabling the products to keep their content cool for hours. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Well it’s true! Just imagine that you now can keep your favourite drinks and food cool as you casually sit by the pool or host your guests for dinner. You don't even need a fridge to keep the food fresh. The award wining Magisso Cooling Ceramics barware keeps drinks cold at dinner parties that last long into the night. All you need to do is to soak the ceramics in water for 60 seconds before use to start the cooling process. It will then magically keep the content cool for hours.

Not only that, you can also create your very own design or write a personal message on the side of the ceramics with chalk. Now that is cleaver! No wonder that Magisso has won over 20 design awards of all sorts. The Finnish design house still thrives from that same passion of innovating through design and being part of people´s daily lives. For Magisso every obstacle is an opportunity. Magisso is driven by a desire to solve problems and create beautiful designs. 

Thank you Magisso! We love you!


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