Out with the old and in with the new

Since we moved in to our new house in July 2017 we have focused on the interior design. After the wooden floors were sanded back and given new life, a major pendant light was changed and finally the moving boxes unpacked. We continued with the most pressing interior design issues in the house. The first task I delegated to my husband was painting our daughter's bedroom to move away from the existing blue colour. In order to find the right colour we bought a few test pots and tried them on a large board to get the feel for the actual colours. This was something we did even before we had moved out of our previous home overseas. We could honestly not be happier with the final result. The room now has a soft and lovely looking lilac (see pics below). The second task was to look at fabrics to find her a suitable bed board (I wanted to give her a soft bed board as she likes to jump in her bed!). Not only did I visit bed shops, I also went the extra mile to borrow fabrics from Warwick Fabrics to bring home. This was lucky as I initially was heading the completely wrong way and would have been very unhappy with my costly mistake should I have left it at just studying the fabrics in the shops. In the end, I got an amazing fabric that worked great with the look of the room. To complete the major interior design work in my daughter's room, I ordered matching curtains which came out a treat. This was however also not a straight forward task as I had to alter the blockout fabric to get the desired colour affect. Initially the curtain consultant thought this was a strange choice and opted for another solution but once I showed it to her and had gone through my reasoning she agreed. Upon her return with the finished product she praised my decision. See photos below for before and after shots.

The master bedroom had somewhat more mature taste in curtains with massive curtain rods upon our purchase of the house. I had them replaced for something more discreet as our bedroom windows are massive and I didn't want them to look too overpowering. I decided to have the curtains hanging from the top of the wall, despite the over-sized height of the room. The result is a more luxurious feeling, almost like in a hotel room. Below are some before and after pics (however the walls still need to be painted again to cover the holes from the previous rods).



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