Danish Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk Rainwear

I took a few pictures of my friend Helen walking her lovely dog the other day. Helen is wearing a funky Ilse Jacobsen raincoat which is thin and light weight. It has such stunning brass colored buttons and two way zip. 😍Helen loves her coat as it's perfect for the unpredictable Auckland weather. She also loves the fact it's so easy to pack down in a bag whenever she needs to go somewhere.

I have used my 3/4 Ilse Jacobsen raincoat frequently for the last couple of months. Mine has a thin layer of fleece on the inside which has kept me warm and nice and I simply love the fact it covers my bottom and thighs. It makes such a difference when it rains or is really windy. Below is a pic of me at the stable a muddy Monday morning when gumboots and raincoats are a must!


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