9 styling advice for a romantic bedroom

If there is any room that we would like to portray romance it would be our bedroom. You can take the look of your bedroom to a whole different level by following these clever tips.

1. Bring the nature in
Let the nature be present even in the bedroom and decorate with plants. Mix between stylish bouquets and pot plants. Plants increase air quality and fresh flowers will spread a nice smell. Plants and flowers contribute to a relaxed and charming atmosphere.

2. Decorate with a rug
A rug underneath the bed would emphasis the styled interior and soften the room’s appearance. It’s a secret trick to create a snug and romantic look. If you have a neutral colour palette in your bedroom a strong colour on the rug might create an exciting contrast.

3.  Don’t forget the cushions!
What would a bed be without cushions? Far from inviting. Style your bed with cushions in different sizes, materials and pattern. It will make a big difference.

4. Create atmosphere with help of lights
Using the right kind of light for the bedroom is extremely important. You should avoid direct lights the instead use smaller lights such a candles and fairy lights to create a romantic impression.

5. Layer on layer
Soft fabrics and many layers create an inviting look in the bedroom - perfect for romance and coziness. Maybe you could consider a bedspread, many cushions and a throw.

6. Use a colour palette
Cold tones are regarded as better for your sleep. But if you would prefer a more romantic touch to your bedroom then maybe you should consider using warmer nuances. Colours with red pigments as well as brass items typically provide that feeling.

7. Create warmth with materials
It’s not just the colours that creates a warmer feel in a room. Also with the right materials you can create the very same impression. For an example, an upholstered bedhead in earthy tones together with wood, brown leather and (fake) fur can give exactly the same vibes.

8. Go for cotton velvet
Heavy draping, soft touch and full bodied colours… if there is any fabric that is romantic it has to be the cotton velvet.

See if you can find a bedspread, a curtain, a cushion or even an armchair in cotton velvet to give your bedroom that little extra luxury and romance.  

9. Choose curtains with a beautiful break
Regardless if you prefer thicker or thinner curtains, try to choose curtains that has a beautiful break when they touch the ground, the so called puddle curtains. They create a luxurious and romantic look.

Sheer curtains let a lot of light in which makes them look soft and inviting. The drawback can be that some people find it hard to sleep when there is too much light. Sheer curtains would not do a great job of insulating the window area in case you have drafty windows. One way of getting around the issue is to have double rails allowing a sheer curtain in the front and a heavier material at the back. This allows you to instantly choose your materials as you please depending on what time of the day and year it is.


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