Home Makeover

I have always had a passion for making things more ascetically pleasing. That is why I started working as  a marketing professional. Once I had my first child I turned my eyes to house makeovers. In my first Atmosfär blogs I shared my initial work on my new house. I have now completed the first stage of the makeover and would love to show you the before and after shots. Here is what I did:

  • After the wooden floors were sanded back and re-coated I had the electrical outlet for the TV changed around to another space in the living room to open up more space. See the before and after photos below.
  • Curtains were changed to give the bedrooms a more luxurious hotel feel
  • Lights were changed to create the right atmosphere (see hallway and kitchen photos)
  • The office got a new roof and shingles were replaced with cedar wood planks
  • The house got repainted to give more of a Scandinavian beach house feel
  • Trees, bushes, gates and fences were removed around the whole garden to create more space and let more light in. New hedges were planted for screening and atmosphere, as well as to create a holistic look of the outdoor area.
  • New outdoor lights
  • The pathway was painted with a non-slip surface paint, ensuring my small kids don’t fall over in their haste.

Before painting the exterior, removing shingles on the side, removing security door, changing lights and paint the pathway with an anti-slip surface layer.

This is how it looks after painting the house in a light Scandi beach colour and adding timber on the side under the bay window where I elected to remove the shingles. The pathway has also been upgraded to a non-slip surface. 

The back yard was quite cramped and damp when I bought the house. By removing trees and bushes a huge space got freed up and all the mosquitos disappeared. It will look even better when the hedges have grown bigger. I now love sitting relaxing in the hammock with a drink and a good book. 

This has lately become one of my favourite hangout places.

The house seen from the backyard prior to purchase.

The house seen from the backyard after makeover.

The kitchen before...

...and the kitchen after adding three pendant lamps. I just love how the lamps frame the kitchen and adds softness.

Before. Honestly, I did actually not do anything to this room. See pic below how different it looks though.

After. Room with my touch.

Before. I only added my style to this room, no makeover otherwise. See pic below.

After. I only added my style to this room, no makeover otherwise.

Before. The living room was quite enclosed. However I like it open to create a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors as well as in between internal spaces.

I had an electrician move the outlet to the solid wall area instead which makes it easier to see the TV screen and also meant I could watch the kids in the couch from the kitchen. Not only that, the space  opened up and allows a better flow.

Before. Entrance just before it was painted. The security screen was already removed at this stage.

After. It's important to look for outdoor lamps that work with your environment. As I live close to the beach I had to be conscious about getting a lamp that can handle sea spray as the standard outdoor lamp wouldn't. I chose this style of lamp as I wanted to stay with the soft homely look I have managed to create on the inside. The pot plants were lovey plants I dug up from the garden when I opened up the space. Can't wait for them to grow up again!

Before. You can here see the security screen on the front door. In the back you might just manage to spot a large wooden screen and a gate behind the spa. This was later removed to create open plan living with seamless outdoor flow.

After. This is the area where you above saw a spa, tall fence and an iron gate. Behind that was  a tree in the middle of the grass area, plenty of trees and buses, taking up huge space and making the area enclosed, damp and dark. By removing it all, I opened up the space and connected all outdoor areas. It now has a lovely flow around the whole house. I bet you the hedge will grow up fast. It provides good privacy screening but does not take up much space.


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