2019 Interior Design Trends

2019 seems to be the year of sustainability and strong colours. Strong colours is however not for everyone. For the more calming environment the focus would be on earthy tones, partly with African influence. I have below summarized the strongest themes for 2019.

Earthy tones - The earthy tones are easy to apply in any home. They generate a calming atmosphere perfect to create a relaxing space. In 2019 we can see a trend which excludes patterns. Instead the dynamic is created by colour nuances and sculptural forms in both furniture and details. The easiest way to compliment the earthy tones is by adding green nuances, ideally of the subtle shades. Inspiring ways to create your atmosphere could be with help of rugs, plenty of curtains (layer on layer), dried plants and ceramics.

Playful, colourful and retro - Interestingly this trend is taking its roots from the 60s playfulness and strong colours. The items we see highlighted are glass lamps, kidney shaped or bent sofas, and the all to well-known porcelain animals.

Mix the unthinkable - Craftsmanship, bold flower pattern, velvet and strange shapes are part of this odd trend. So how do you do this? For an example, it would not be seen strange to add colourful purple with strong green, and maybe even add yellow, orange and red.

Then we have the African influence - The interior reference is based around a safari theme with brown and beige as main colours complimented with white and green. The materials are concrete, stone, burnt ceramic and rope. The surfaces are welcomed to have patterns. The technique used is supposed to make the look take an old, retro, shine.

Sustainability - 2019 comes with welcoming focus on sustainability. Reusable materials is in the highlight. It’s time to highlight the fact you don’t need to buy new things every season to later discard them. Buy and sell second hand, re-use your items in different places and above all, purchase items that will last for generations.


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