2020 Interior Design Trends directly from Denmark

Europe is waiting for spring to break out, carrying new design trends with it. Interestingly it appears many companies are referring to nostalgic feelings and bringing old favorites back into play. This is what we can expect to see this year:

Trend 1: Low and grounded

The most popular furniture on offer this year will be low, chunky and comfortable. It’s obvious there's a longing for a safe and relaxing home environment to protect you from the outside stressful world. We see low couches, armchair without legs, low tables, benches and even beds.

Photo: Tine K

Photo: Ferm Living

Trend 2: Rattan is ruling

Rattan is the queen of all natural material in the furniture design world right now. It can be found amongst most brands both in Denmark and other countries. To compliment the rattan furniture we see a lot of light and untreated wood together with other natural materials, all in the earthy palette. 

Photo: Broste Copenhagen

Photo: House Doctor

Trend 3: Personal decorative objects

The big favourites in the home this season are decorative details from ceramics to sculptures and art. It is an easy way to create an unique personal feeling for your home. It becomes especially decorative when the items are placed on a pedestal.

Photo: Broste Copenhagen

Photo: Day Home

Trend 4: Natural colours

The earthy palette continues this season with light brown, beige, sand colour and white. Especially palpable is the light version of the colour palette inspired by spring and summer’s light. 

Photo: Ferm Living

Photo: Ferm Living

​Trend 5: Organic forms

Not just the colours and materials are taken from nature this year. Even the forms have taken their inspiration from nature. The organic forms are especially noticeable in the smaller decorative objects such as vases.  

Photo: Ferm Living

Photo: Ferm Living


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