Magisso | Finnish Design Movement, est. 2008

Magisso is Finnish Design House that creates simple, functional and beautiful designs that solve problems in daily life. Magisso was founded in 2008 by Juhani Siren and Anssi Hurme, who had a burning passion to make meaningful design and international business.

Over 20 design awards later - Finnish design house Magisso still thrives from that same passion of innovating through design and being part of people´s daily lives. For Magisso every obstacle is an opportunity. Magisso is driven by a desire to solve problems and create beautiful designs.

Magisso works with a team of talented designers who understand and value Finnish forms and function. Some of their designs are finished by hand, ensuring a quality product and giving you a touch of uniqueness in every design.

Most prominent Design Awards:

2010 - Global Innovation Award and Red Dot Design Award for Magisso Cake Server by Maria Kivijärvi

2011 - Good Design Award for Magisso Tilting Teacup by Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jääskö

2014 - GIA Best Collection Awards for Magisso Cooling Ceramics by Simon Stevens

2015 - Good Design Award for BULB Citrus Reamer by Simon Stevens
- Red Dot Design Award for Cool ID Tumbler by Simon Stevens

2016 - GIA Award for White line Carafe by Simon Stevens

2017 - GIA Award for PINO Wine Glass by Simon Stevens


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